Dive Sites

Aeolus Dive is ideal guide to the coral garden of the Maldives. Our Padi professionals will ensure that you experience the lush underwater gardens, colorful fishes and magnificent seascapes in total safety and comfort. The convenient location of Fihalhohi in the Southern Part of the Male Atoll makes number of impressive dive sites accessible and within reach. We can offer you a variety of different dive sites including some well known highlights such as Rihiveli Wreck.


  1. Vaagali Faru Thila
  2. Jack Faru- Boat
  3. Rannalhi Bodu Faru North
  4. Kandooma Beyru
  5. Cocoa Corner
  6. Kandooma thila
  7. Guraidhoo channel
  8. Coco Giri
  9. Ali thila
  10. Enmadi Giri
  11. Ram Faru Thulu
  12. Kahanmbu Giri
  13. Rannalhi Bodu Giri
  14. Origandu Finolhu
  15. Lhohi Giri-
  16. Vaagali Outside
  17. Ram Faru
  18. Kandooma Corner
  19. Fihalhohi Paradise
  20. Dongmas Giri
  21. Coral Faru
  22. Coral Giri
  23. Guraidhoo Kuda Kandu
  24. Guraidhoo Outside
  25. Coral Garden
  26. Rihiveli Caves
  27. Vaagali Bodu Faru
  28. Rihiveli Wreck
  29. Biyadhoo Kuda Giri
  30. Vaagali Caves
  31. Lhohi Bodu Kandu
  32. Vaageli Faru South
  33. Banner Reef
  34. Vaageli Thila
  35. Vaagali Faru North
  36. Lhohi Kandu Thila
  37. Adam Faru
  38. Dhigu Kuda Giri
  39. Ihi Reef
  40. Rannalhi Kuda Giri
  41. Guraidhoo Channel North
  42. Bodu Gaa Giri